Turnaround Artists

Presenting the Arts off the Beaten Track

Turnaround Artists is a nonprofit arts presenting organization, promoting world music, dance, theatre, jazz and more in over 41 states in the US.

It began with a love of music. From studying the piano at the age of five, to learning the acoustic bass and hearing Thelonius Monk as a teenager at the Five Spot in New York, that love eventually grew to encompass all the performing arts. 

Turnaround Artists is an arts presenting organization formed by David Shaw. Presenting world music, dance, theatre and jazz in over in Visalia , CA and nationally in the US., Turnaround Artists is committed to bringing the very best in cultural entertainment to underserved communities, many of them off-the-beaten-track.


Board of Directors:

Richard Stewart, Treasurer
Robert Purnell, Board Member
Dan Torti, Board Member
Beverly Hawkins, Secretary
David Shaw, President


David Shaw, President/Booking

Tara Shisler, Marketing Director